Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amy Winehouse Was In My House

This is my story about Amy Winehouse coming to our house.

I did not know Amy Jade Winehouse until the news of her tragic death all over social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  I remember one time, I opened a link in Facebook and saw a woman booed in her concert -- it was Amy.  I became her instant fan. 

At the age of 27, she was found dead in her London home on 23 July 2011.  Rumor has it that she overcame her battle with drugs, but got herself hooked on alcohol while coping with the drugs rehab.

I was horrified when none of her music was ever downloaded in our iTunes.  I  searched around our stash of CDs, shook down all the containers, but there was none.  I would like to think people would terribly miss her because when I went to buy her CD, it was out of stock:  “Dami nga po nag hanap maam, pero ubos na,” said the sales clerk.  Amy’s brief career included only two studio albums, Frank in 2003 and Back to Black in 2006.

I couldn’t stop searching in the Internet for news, images, & videos of Amy’s concerts.  Several versions of her story are seen in YouTube. 

Amy tormented me with these thoughts for a week.

1.     Sultry & unique voice
2.     Gigantic and towering hair
3.     Gaunt toothless face
4.     Light personality

One night, she was in our house.  Sleep eluded me.  Rehab keeps playing in my mind.  Her gaunt face was really near mine, I could smell her breath.  Her tower-like hair seems to be falling.  I fell asleep at nearly 3 AM, but Amy was persistent. She was in my dreams.  In it, I was taking care of her but she got mad at me because I wasn’t making it right when I did her hair. It was so surreal I was almost panting. I woke up,  got scared, I could barely make it to the bathroom.

In the morning, my eyes were more swollen because of the previous night’s meeting with Amy. I was surprised at how such brief encounter in the Internet could move me and swallow my being.

To this date, I still see her in YouTube. 

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